At Crescent House we provide a comprehensive programme of meaningful activities designed to give all our residents the opportunity to live a varied and fulfilling life whatever their circumstances. These activities are tailored  around suggestions from residents and their families and then adapted to suit the service user. We recognise that it is vital that residents are able to choose how they live their lives and that all our residents are individuals with their owns likes and dislikes ,with this in mind all our activities are person centred. Rest and relaxation or activity and stimulation, the choice is entirely yours. We have a full time staff member dedicated to organising and supporting our residents in activities and have a whole home approach to enhancing the quality of life for each resident within the home.

Dedicated Activities Area

Crescent House

We have a dedicated activity room with a reminiscence wall that stretches the whole length of the room. This wall evokes memories throughout the decades that our residents have lived through and can relate to . It also has an area that is devoted to “old Northampton “showing landmarks as they used to be and is very popular with our residents as many of them have grown up in this area. Our activity room is the area where creativity is encouraged in the form of painting, arts and crafts and everything in between. Residents can join in with structured sessions or use the room with friends and family any time and will find it well stocked with games, puzzles and all things creative. We also have a very enthusiastic knitting club and the men like to get together for a game of scrabble or other board games. We also have a weekly armchair exercise class and well being sessions where residents can have a manicure or back massage.

Memory Wall

For our gardening enthusiasts we have regular flower arranging and seed planting, our book lovers can take part in our book groups and our music lovers are entertained several times a week with external musicians and singers who come in to entertain everyone. We have a and often visit local theatres alongside a travelling theatre group that comes to the home. We are able to take residents on shopping trips , boat trips and a variety of other outings throughout the year. The local nursery often brings in some of their children to visit and make friends with some of the residents.

Residents who are unable to take part in activities outside of their rooms have regular 1-1 sessions. These sessions can be in the form of a visiting singer, being read to, having a chat or a manicure or anything else that they would like to do.

We are lucky enough to have some beautiful out door space where residents can sit in the warmer weather should they wish to. They can make friends with our Shetland ponies that live in the paddock over the summer months or just enjoy the tranquillity of reading or chatting with others.

We provide each resident with a monthly “what’s on “ events calendar. These are available within the home for family to take away so that they also know what’s going on.

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