Crescent House provides quality, nutritious meals for our residents, either in our beautifully appointed dining room, or in a resident’s own room; whichever they would prefer.

Dining Room

We provide 3 core meals per day, but snacks and beverages between these times.

At Crescent House we provide delicious meals from quality ingredients. Our main meal is provided through Apetito who are a leading food producer for the health and social care sector. Apetito provide an unrivalled choice of balanced meals, and also caters to our residents with smaller appetites, or those who require specialist, or texture modified diet.

Kitchen Facilities

Our kitchen facilities allow us to deliver a first class dining experience for our residents, with hot food prepared daily.

Our kitchens are inspected regularly by Northampton Borough Councils Environmental Health Inspectors, at our last inspection on 27th September 2019 we achieved a perfect five star rating.

Kitchen Facilities
Food Standards Rating

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